19 March 2020

See No Other Than My Lord

Perhaps I think of a little perverted, obsessive or just a bih headache on my head, when people insist that astrology is not scientifically acceptable matter , I hesitate to keep my mouth shut down and soon I will assume that science will eventually accept astrology.

I share a quote from a text ...

"... many new writers have tried to attribute a scientific basis to astrology in the light of modern scientific discoveries.All these endeavors are, as we shall see, astrology is neither a science nor an art, a magical prophecy system based on ancient superstitious beliefs and writings There can be almost no scientific validity in the definition of astrology methods, antipodal or so-called "effects" ... "

If it is just a magical system, how can this magical information is still not changed after about 6000 years. What a  strong magic is still alive. So themagician  did a gerat work .

Let's go on ... I'm so frustrated ...

"... As we have seen, astrology is based on magical writings and does not rely on possible physical effects by the celestial bodies, astrology can not be made 'scientific' by definition, it belongs to the superstition and should stay there ..."

Hmmm ...., then tell me, it's funny to go on listening ...

There is tremendous social pressure for not to accept Astrology, I do not understand why  you do not want to be in a winning team after all ?

In addition to its technological superiority, ideological position in relation to science, the promise of progress and Technological Utopia is also very persuasive. Tremendous prestige Knowing is accrued and not being scientific is to be wrong or at least suspicious. Show me the doctrine that doubts astrology. Come on I'm waiting ...

As I learned this knowledge, I realized that I did not know, I do not know what I was in this phase, not to finish the schools with highest levels ,  not to get grades from the universities, but to appreciate from the world wide companies. I do not know where I am, I do not know who I am, I'm nothing I know.

This science made me blind. I see no other than my Lord in every direction I look. What do you see, hey you , the  science enemies ... ? 

Stand by me 

Hadi Paylaş

Kimin Kaleminden:

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